presenting an another one fellows.
festivities around so sharing “happiness” with u all. … 😀


“Happiness” a word which has limitless definitions,
Still an inexplicable word having a meaning distinct to everyone.

“Happiness”, to which everyone relates as their requisite.
“Happiness”, tangled in its web, puppet they feel.
“Happiness”, effortless, though as complicated as it may seems.

“Happiness”, to the poor, when they have their one time meal.
“Happiness”, to adventurers, when they realize their thrills.
“Happiness”, to a son, when he sees his parents delighted,
“Happiness”,  to a daughter, infinite expressions it carries.

“Happiness”, a boundless thought, “Happiness”, a toy, which the father bought.
“Happiness”, a doll which she grew with,
“Happiness”,  a smile she gifted to many.

“Happiness”, when one’s melancholy breaks,
“Happiness”, every ecstatic moment for which one awaits,
“Happiness”, always around the corner still no one sees,
“Happiness” , which everyone has within , but very few seek.


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