Chapter 2: The New Begining

The Palanquin carrying my sister reached  destination by midnight, according to the ritual ceremony, I accompanied her till the destination. The street was just wide enough for the Palanquin to enter with one light pole enacted halfway to the road.
It was a single storeyed house, painted newly may be for the wedding. As we entered into the house, two ladies were already standing with a diya lit in a dish, a tradition performed for welcoming newly wedded couple.
Anuradha stepped inside the house with first stepping onto a vermillion plate leaving foot prints on the floor, first but not the last red prints she left in that house.
House had a little verandah with a tulsi plant in the middle, there were two rooms each on either sides, with the kitchen located in the right corner and in the left corner there was washroom, forming a new world for my sister to reside.
A chaos preceded all over the place, a chaos which occured for no reason.
As it was already late, everyone wanted refreshing tea and some food, which I felt our hosts were not liking much. Their countenance told a different story what their words were telling. From the very first moment I stepped in there the air was never so comfortable, making me feel fidgety.
Contrary to it, tea was served and pakora were prepared for all the guest.
The slight cold morning, passed on the freshness which was much needed.
In the corner of the house, I saw my brother in law sitting over cot, sipping  his morning tea. Around 11’O clock we were suppose to leave for the “pehla fera” ceremony after the wedding, addition to some delays, we left half an hour late. It was a two hour journey but we completed in two and a half hour, thanks to our much needed halt for refreshing drinks and tea.
The couple was received in a typical tradtional style with a grand welcome.
All the neighbours and relatives gathered around.
Few ladies gathered together to form a group around my sister, intriguing her as I can see my sister coying, surrounded by those ladies.
The Food preparation for  lunch was one of the best i ate till date, umpteen number of dishes were cooked, left me wondered how in the world my parents afforded such good food which was fed to many. It was one costly bussines, and the two day affair left my parents in debt for years to come. Chitter chatter, prattle and gossips was the sole affair I could observe happened that day other than the wrapping of gifts which took place in a room where no one was allowed to go, made me think of my brother in law as one the richest person alive, though he was not. Post wedding event went well, with my sister and brother in law  leaving for the day with some gifts.
And as my sister left the house that day,  it marked the New Beginning to her life.


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