I ain’t no Shakespeare

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Stumbled upon the work of Shakespeare today and felt in me the essence he would have felt when he gave Caesar the words “I am like the northern star fixed to his qualities”. Blood would have rushed through his veins and he would have read it over and over again feeling apprehensive about what he has written going to do when he will share it with the world.

He was right in thinking so, because that led someone like me to hold the pen and scribble something. But the difficult part was to know how to gather words to sound something meaningful. Something that would make sense to others equally. I am no Shakespeare but that force work in me as well, just like him I also want to play with the letters and see the world smiling by looking at them.

But again the same question which arise is how to do that. How to use the power of words to pierce into the heart of someone reading it? How to get the word engraved into their mind for the lifetime? How to make them read what you have scribbled? Yes this “how” may sound just three letter but this is what it all takes.

And yes this “how” was so enthusiastic that it held me there for like an hour but all went in vain and I again realized the same thing that I am no Shakespeare who would hold the ink in his hands and will start making the impression of his thoughts so well that they will get embedded in each one of us. But wait yeah there it came, there it struck something to me. Yes this was it, I got the plot but this “how” again bounded my thoughts and made me feel lost. I had the plot but no know how of proceeding further.

I was losing my temper now, I so wanted to play with the letters just like the child who has just got to know about fun of playing. But the thing again came that I ain’t no Shakespeare and I realized that I should give it a break today and better try some other time. So there I left the pen and the paper buried deep into the same work of Shakespeare that rushed the blood into my veins so impulsively and left me thinking that I am no Shakespeare that every time I pick up the pen I”ll scribble the world out of it.